Spring Organizing

Spring is quickly approaching. Traditionally, this sparks the urge for that annual spring cleaning. I have something for you that is much more appealing than washing your windows (although you should take time to do that). At Simple Spaces, we call this SPRING ORGANIZING. Here are three simple tips to get you started.

Pro Tip 1: Take Things One Room at a Time

Hopefully, my first tip will make this whole process easier and less overwhelming. When organizing multiple rooms, it is important to go one room at a time. This prevents the stress that comes from trying to get so many rooms in order at the same time. When you are working in your first room, you will need multiple labeled boxes and trash bags. One of those boxes is for donations, but what happens with the items that you need but do not belong in the space you’re working through? This is called “Relocate.” You need one box (or more) with this label. This will be used to hold the things that belong to another room in the house. Make sure you also include the intended room name on the label. Having relocate boxes helps keep you focus on one room at a time, so you don’t lose your momentum while sorting.

Pro Tip 2: Refresh Your Entryway

What is the first thing your guests see when they enter your home? Your entryway! This space is the first impression of your home and should reflect your personality. This space also serves as a drop zone for incoming and outgoing items on a daily basis. More often than not, it looks like a post-war zone in homes, especially with busy families. What do you really want communicate to your guests?!

Let’s simplify how to get this space into shape that welcomes your guests and is functional for your daily needs. Start by collecting anything that doesn’t live in the entryway and place it in those relocate boxes that I previously mentioned. These items could be winter coats, boots, bags, or light bulbs you bought a month ago. Once you’ve gone through everything, you can take the boxes one at a time, and find a new home for the items that were clogging up your entryway. Here’s another essential tip- take that donate box and put it in your car right away. This will ensure it doesn’t sit in your house for a few months.

Pro Tip 3: Take Inventory

Let’s talk about something that you can do in each room of your house to kick off your organizing. Let’s talk specifically about the kitchen. There will be things behind those cabinet doors (maybe even on your countertops) that are not being used. Take note of the items and ask yourself: Is this used daily, weekly, or a few times a year? Find places to store these that are accessible for you depending on how much they are used. You may also decide that you don’t use some of the items enough to keep them. This is the perfect time to create a donation box. This will eliminate some clutter already by putting away the things you weren’t using regularly.

After organizing using these tips, you will feel less stressed and even enjoy your space more. You will appreciate the items in your home and love having them in their correct place. Make sure that you love your entryway and that it represents who you are for any new guests to see. Remember to take it room by room and have a sorting system to keep you on track with everything. Here’s to stress-free and simple SPRING ORGANIZING!

This month’s blog post was written by Caryss Chambers, our Interior Design intern.