Improve Your Closet With This Simple Upgrade

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but this is your official permission to treat yourself! Rid your closet of the mismatched hangers, and pull the trigger on matching hanger goodness. I cannot tell you how much that one simple change brings about a noticeable aesthetic improvement in a closet.

Metal Hangers Belong at the Dry Cleaner

I won’t make you raise your hand if your closet boasts of metal coat hangers, because trust me when I say they are in most closets across America. They are free. They are easy. They do the job. Okay wait, correction: sometimes they hold clothing, and other times blouses fall right off. I suggest you donate the hangers back to the dry cleaner or a thrift store, and replace them with something better.

What’s the Skinny on Plastic Hangers?

I’ve certainly been asked this plenty of times, and have had clients who love them. They may be the easiest to find in store, but aren’t necessarily the cheapest option if you’re replacing. I’ll admit that in my earlier adult years I was the recipient of hand-me-down plastic hangers of various colors, and for a long season that is what I used (along with the famous dry-cleaner ones). I finally upgraded my closet to velvet, and then eliminated every color but white for my husband’s.

Here’s something else I’ve done for clients with plastic rainbow color hangers:

I choose 2-4 colors and use them for a specific category of clothing.

  • White- Blouses
  • Black – Pants
  • Blue (of similar shade) – Jackets and Cardigans

And so forth.

Show Me the Velvet!

You can’t go wrong with these, and they are budget friendly.  My closet houses velvet hangers (light beige color), because I prefer the aesthetic and function. I find many clients prefer these as well. Velvet works well when you have limited spacing, because they are very low-profile. For being thin, they hold clothing well and I never worry about my blouses or pants sliding off. I also like that I can use them in conjunction with the few clear plastic skirt hangers I have.  The hook is the same color on both, so it appears that all are exactly alike. Pictured below is a client’s wardrobe closet with limited space. The hangers maximize space, and they look great!

Wooden Brings a Sophisticated Feel

Everything about wooden hangers communicates “luxury.” The price tag matches it too. If you have the space and a wooden closet system, I would treat yourself to these! They come in many finishes, including black. They do take up more space than any other type of hanger, so I consider them best used for someone who has a minimal wardrobe, or simply plenty of space on the rack.

As you tackle your closets this spring, consider this one simple change that will make ALL the difference. Remember to start with a good edit. You should LOVE what you wear!