• 14

    Organizing Your Brain

    Do you need help organizing your brain? Check out this video for a little hack that has saved me a ton of time and stress. Thanks for watching, Melissa...

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  • 10

    Organizing Outside The Box

    I wonder how many reading this have a desk at home that is not being used, other than a piling station for homeless “stuff.” I also wonder what percentage of...

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  • 23

    Conquering Mail Clutter

    Don’t let mail take over  your kitchen,  just don’t. I promise I have a strategy that will blow your mind because it’s so simple, and it works! Most of...

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  • 04

    Organizing Paperwork

    It doesn’t take long for papers to pile up, especially when you don’t know what to keep and what to toss.  Great news:  You don’t have to keep everything!...

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  • 18

    How Long To Keep Tax Documents?

    Its so hard to believe that tax season is here! I’m sure many of you have already filed. I’m a end of February kind of filer. So its time for me...

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