• 11

    Schoolwork, Artwork, Childhood Memory Boxes, and My Opinion As a Professional Organizer

    Keep it or toss it? I work with a lot of moms who deal with this dilemma when it comes to all things kid stuff. Just like in everything,...

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  • Garage

    Where Have I Been?

    Let me begin by saying that I’m well aware it’s been a LONG time since I’ve published a blog post. To say that 2016 has “flown by” is a...

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  • Boy Room Overhaul Part 2

    Bonus Room Makeover

    If you have a bonus room in your home, chances are it either: 1- Serves as a catch-all OR 2- Serves multiple functions, yet feels disjointed and is lacking...

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  • 23

    Boy Room Overhaul Part 1

    Many people say that more fun can be had decorating girls’ rooms than boys, but I think that’s because they haven’t seen these pictures! I have¬†exciting room makeovers coming...

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  • Pantry

    Organizing Your Family

    Life moves fast All of us find ourselves constantly on the run, especially during the week. Coordinating family schedules and maintaining good communication can be tricky, but it’s essential....

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  • 12

    Simple Meal Planning

    Don’t overcomplicate meal planning. You have enough on your plate. Feeding your family nutritious meals cooked at home every night is easier than you think. In this short video,...

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