Organized Closet

  • 23

    Boy Room Overhaul Part 1

    Many people say that more fun can be had decorating girls’ rooms than boys, but I think that’s because they haven’t seen these pictures! I have exciting room makeovers coming...

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  • Maximizing Closet Storage

    Organizing Your Linen Closet

    Organizing linens? Or maybe more? No matter the age of your home, you likely have a linen closet, or two. Contrary to the name, most of us have a...

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  • entryway

    The Link Between Clutter and Anger

    The state of your physical environment affects the state of your mood. Clutter, chaos, and disorder can make us feel angry, depressed, discouraged, overwhelmed, and out of control. This...

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  • 07

    Maximizing Closet Storage

    What I’m sharing with you today is a tiny taste of the post I have to share with you next, which is a sewing room transformation! I want to...

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  • 02

    Organizing Your Closet

    I am super excited to be given permission to share a client’s closet with you! As you can see from the picture, this closet just had too much stuff. Raise your hand...

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  • 27

    Simple Spaces Offers Home Staging!

    I’m pleased to announce that I am now offering home staging as one of my services! The process of selling your home can be one of the most challenging...

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  • 05

    Professional Organizer Wilmington NC

    Do you want to know what a Professional Organizer can do for your home or office? Check out this video! Melissa Get Organized. Simply Live.

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  • 18

    Master Closet Makeover!

    Let’s face it: most of us are not pleased with our closets. Closets are the spaces that get the shaft right from the very beginning – the move in....

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