Home Styling


I find a growing interest from clients who not only need organizational services, but assistance in decorating their homes. I can help you transform your space into something that is an unique expression of who you are, and a place you feel proud to share with family and friends.


Do you have a space that not only needs organization, but a “pick-me-up” as well? Together we can make it feel alive again. Redesign goes beyond de-cluttering and organizing a space; it provides a complete overhaul of the space tailored to your personal home aesthetic.

  • Work with what you have or start with new pieces
  • Solutions that fit your style
  • Start to finish space transformation


Moving into a new home? We will work with you on dressing your new home in a stylish and functional way. Whether you want us to work with what you have or completely start fresh, let us help you style your home for success.

  • Consulting on colors, furniture arranging, accessorizing, and organizing.
  • Utilizing your treasured items to create an attractive look in your new home. Hanging pictures and artwork, arranging furniture, and styling bookshelves are just a few of the many ways we can help.
  • Making suggestions on additional pieces if needed.


Virtual consulting is a great option for those who live outside of my service area. I will provide similar services as I do with my in-home consulting, only we will be connecting via phone and internet.

  • Web-based consulting designed around your schedule
  • Tips and tricks tailored to your space
  • Plan of action provided upon request

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