Organizing Testimonials


I contacted Simple Spaces upon moving into my new home. Melissa came out to the home and was able to show me what organizational items were available. She measured all my closets, pantry, and drawers and ordered what was needed. Once delivered, Anne-Cecile came out to set up and help with the initial organization of my home. Start off right with Simple Spaces.

Tracy Galen

Melissa from Simple Spaces is absolutely the best at what she does. She was so kind and professional and really listened to our needs for our space. She helped me with an office/playroom space in my home that was in desperate need of attention and WOW did she make a difference for us! She was so attentive to our needs for the space and gave us such great guidance on how to manage our belongings in ways that allow us to enjoy our space and the things that we keep in there. She not only made our space more functional but made it into a room we were once embarrassed of to a room we can’t wait to show off. I HIGHLY recommend Simple Spaces & can’t wait to work with Melissa again in the future!

Heather Edwards

Melissa is supportive and consultative. When it’s challenging to let go of things, she gently refocuses and offers options. My office space is completely changed and I already feel so much more productive! My spare room now has special pictures and personal treasures placed for us to enjoy them rather than sitting in a closet or storage box. I look forward to many more projects with her soon.

Nicole Johnson

Melissa was wonderful to work with to help me reclaim my office space. I had a lot of great tools already, but just was not using them in the most effective way. In the 2 sessions we had, she helped me create a space that was free of clutter and easy to navigate! We were able to use the things I already had and not have to buy a bunch of other things. I can’t thank her enough for sharing her gifts and talents with me. I am SO eager to sit at my desk and work now! She also gave me tips on how to ensure it stays this way!! If you have spaces or rooms that need some help, call Simple Spaces RIGHT AWAY!

Jamie Swanson, Pampered Chef

I highly recommend Melissa Capps. She is very professional, full of energy, and highly focused. Melissa transformed my “junk bedroom” into an organized and clutter-free guest bedroom that guests can actually use! The best part was that she never judged me for letting the clutter get so out of hand. She helped me go through all of my junk by helping me to purge what I didn’t want and organized the rest. I am very grateful for the work Melissa did for me. She definitely has the gift of organization!


Working with Melissa Capps from Simple Spaces was a great experience from start to finish. In particular I was impressed with her detailed analysis of what needed to be organized in my kitchen and her summary of materials, problem areas and solutions. It was difficult for me to see my kitchen with a fresh set of eyes as I was combining households with my husband and dealing with multiple sets of kitchen supplies and cabinets that had long since lost their ability to store things in a functional way. I was really excited with the new perspective Melissa brought to my storage and clutter issues. In addition, she was extremely professional and hard-working. Her attention to detail, solution based ideas, and problem solving skills really set her apart from other professional organizers. I was so thrilled with the finished product- a newly organized kitchen and pantry area with functional space! I will certainly recommend Simple Spaces in the future and look forward to working with Melissa again soon


I was completely shocked when I came home from a trip to find that my wife had consulted with Melissa to reorganize our bedroom. It was one of the best welcome home surprises I have ever received. Not only was everything uncluttered and organized, but Melissa was able to create a space for me to store my most important personal items that I still use to this day. I am most impressed with her services, and expertise!


I recently started working from home full time, and was faced with the challenge of turning my bonus room (which was currently being used as a playroom, exercise room, entertainment area, and more!) into a workspace that I enjoyed coming into every morning. The room had always felt cluttered and chaotic – not a place I could sit and relax, much less work! Luckily, I was given Melissa’s name, and I can’t tell you enough how amazing she is! From our initial consultation she jumped right in and started developing a creative solution and plan that would work. She listened to my concerns and needs, and made sure to take those into consideration when going through the process. The room transformation is amazing! Somehow, despite adding what seems like more furniture and equipment for work, the room feels twice the size it used to! It has become a family favorite, and I love my workspace. Melissa was energetic, professional, and passionate about the project the entire time. She jumped in and tackled every task imaginable, always with a can-do attitude and positive approach. Melissa is extremely level-headed and approachable, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her every step of the way. I am already thinking of the next project so I can work with her again!


When you helped me with my kitchen, not only did I have much more space, I sold several unused items on craigslist for $140 within a few days. I never would have guessed I had $140 worth of junk I would never miss in the back of my cabinets!


Melissa is great at her job, not only in organizing efficiently and beautifully staging, but because she always goes the extra mile to meet all the expectations of her clients. She always plans ahead and has ideas and firm leadership to steer anyone in the right direction while protecting privacy and feelings of clients. Reliable and trustworthy, I would definitely recommend Melissa! You won’t regret it!

Anne Cecile Ferigo