Organizing Your Attic

by guest blogger Ella Andrews

Owning a home with an attic means you will have to take advantage of it as much as possible if you want to keep things organized. The tips ahead will give you more on the subject, so you can figure things out and make a difference in the process, allowing you to organize but also make use of your storage as much as possible.

Get help with the organizing
If you don’t believe your current setup will work for your space, you will need to figure out a better way to solve the issue. This will allow you to deal with all your storage needs without worrying about the smaller things. Take advantage of getting help to make your work easier. Grab some friends or family members and work things out together. You can also contact a professional organizer to help you from simply planning to following through with all the grunt work.

organizing your attic

De-cluttering your attic
Once you line up your help, you will finally be ready to take the next step in what needs to be done to make things work. Remove the junk and clutter and get the place organized. You will also be able to do some cleaning as well while you’re up there, working with floor cleaning and more to make it happen. You can make things work either alone or by making use of a cleaning company. Make your plan and figure out the items you want to keep, but also prepare to give away any potential possessions you won’t need or sell them if it is a viable option.

Labeling and categorizing
This is something that needs to be done in order to avoid the return of clutter. Categorizing it will allow you to rapidly find what you need, whenever you need it, and to work things out without having to dig around the entire attic each time. Just label the boxes, keep an inventory list, and you will find that organizing your attic is a really easy task.

organizing your attic

Zoning around the attic
To go even further than that, you will have to designate some areas around the attic that you can work on to make your newly labeled boxes work out even better. A simple floor plan can take that concept forward, so consider it and keep moving on the idea so you can make organizing easier. Group items by type and size and you will have an excellent way of keeping all of it under control. The same goes for having books organized if you plan on storing any.

Final touches
In the end you will need to understand that organizing an entire attic is more or less a team effort and you would do well to make it so. Involve you family or close friends if they have the time and the end results will be quite amazing.

Ella A. is freelance writer and avid blogger. She is interested in home décor, maintenance, and organizing. She likes to share her experience via helpful tips with readers all over the world. Read more helpful cleaning tips on: Cleaners Carpet Cleaning Ltd.