The Moment is Here!

Personal Organizer

I am doing flips and cartwheels in my head as I type this very first blog post from Simple Spaces!  The website is live!  This has been a long anticipated, challenging journey.  I would scream in excitement really loud and actually do a flip right now if the kids weren’t napping.  I’m pretty sure you’d here me.  If you hear something strange in about an hour, you’ll know its me 😉

Organizing.  I get really, I mean extremely excited about personal organizing.  If I get a day at home where I’m kid-free, you will find me organizing or decorating something.  When walking into “the space” with a client they will often say, “You don’t know what you got yourself into.”  And I smile really big and say, “Oh I can’t wait!”

Am I a perfectionist?  No.  Am I OCD?  No.  Is my house…..gasp!…..perfectly clean all the time?  No.  But I can say that my house is clutter-free.  Achieving and maintaining order in our home has allowed us to enjoy more time with each other.

Hopefully this blog will give you an opportunity to get to know me more and inspire you to get organized so you can spend more time “living.”  I am looking forward to sharing organizing tips, completed jobs, and spaces in my own home.  And I hope that if you decide you need to hire a professional organizer, you will choose me 🙂


Get Organized.  Simply Live.