Tackling Your Pantry

Pantries are a great invention.  We have one at my house, and I appreciate the fact that I can store all our food in one place.  There are tons of ways to organize your pantry.  Finding the right one depends all on the type of pantry you have, and your individual preferences.

Here’s a shot of one pantry I organized:

This is built-in as part of the cabinetry, and the shelves are very deep.  With deep shelves like this, my client needed a solution for the lack of accessibility.   We decided to go with baskets in keeping things grouped together and easy to get to.  We even made fun labels!  Here is a close-up:


Another type of pantry I recently organized was a walk-in.  These shelves were not so deep, and everything was fairly accessible. However, it was still very difficult for my client to keep it organized.  When its hard to keep organized, you have to change it up!  There were a lot of items on the floor that needed to go onto shelves, the shelves were jumbled and some things hard to find, and there were kitchen appliances and cookware up high that my client used on a regular basis.  Here’s a shot of that one:


These tiered spice racks are AMAZING!!!  I like these for organizing spices in pantries or cabinets.  Look at the difference it makes:


We used the top shelf for gadgets and cookware used on special occasions (such as the extra blenders)


Pantries can be a time intensive project.   However, when you can easily determine what you have, it makes cooking and writing grocery lists so much easier.  Group things together as they make sense to you, and make sure you put them back in their place after each use.  These were just two examples; there are so many types of pantries and the options for organizing them are extensive.

Have fun!  And if you need help figuring out what works best for you as you tackle your pantry, give me a call.