Alleviate Holiday Stress

I’m sure some of you reading this  have already started prepping food and cleaning like mad for Thanksgiving.  A few weeks later and you’ll hit repeat for Christmas!

This time of year can be joyous, but oh so stressful for many.  I have a few simple tips that will help you maximize enjoyment and minimize stress in this season.

1.  As much as you can, hold off on new projects

This is not a great time of year to undertake redecorating the room you’ve been putting off, or ripping up flooring to install something new in time for Christmas.  We learned this the hard way, as one season we spent Christmas and New Years in the middle of a major DIY renovation.  It really took away from our joy and time as a family.  I say “as much as you can,” because we ourselves are now undertaking a small project that just arrived at the top of the “list.”  Its been a long time coming.  However, its not something we’re doing ourselves but paying someone else to do, and its quick.  So if you need to dive into something, make sure its small and try to steer clear from DIY.

2.  Delegate

If you are hosting for a family meal, party, etc. always say YES when someone asks if they can help or bring something.  Consider yourself the organizer, and delegate out everything that can be done by someone besides you.

3.  Purge as you clean

The spaces you should focus on cleaning/decluttering are: kitchen, dining room, living area.  Grab a box for items to donate and a bag for trash, and go for it.  Do not grab armfuls of stuff and throw them into a spare bedroom or your master closet.  Yes, I’ve been reading your mail 🙂   Understand though that this is not a good time to undertake a huge organizing project on your own.  So you won’t exactly be able to find homes for everything floating around.  But, go ahead and let go of the things that can go.  If you have large items that you want to sell on Ebay or Craigslist, post one of those every couple days.  This is a good time to sell, as people are looking for gifts. Find a temporary solution for everything else.  Or call me 🙂 I will gladly come help you reorganize before Christmas hits.

4.  Do what works for you

We are all different in how we prefer to shop, decorate, make preparations, etc.  Do it the way that works for you and your family.  Don’t compare your method with all the pictures on Facebook, or what you hear from coworkers.  Be yourselves as a family and put your family stamp on it!

5.  Loosen up

Some personality types more than others feel the need for celebrations to go  textbook smooth.  There is nothing wrong with being prepared, and there is nothing wrong with going all out for your celebrations.  But just remember this: things rarely go as planned.  And when the glitch comes, be willing to roll with the punches. Don’t let unmet expectations steal your joy!  Keep relationships and your reason for celebrating in the center.  People will not remember what type of serving dishes you used and that the meal didn’t start right on time, they will remember whether or not they felt loved.

I hope this helps and encourages you as you continue prepping this week!

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


Get Organized.  Simply Live.