Using A Closet For Toy Storage

My oldest 2 boys share a bedroom.  So room space is limited and we have opted to use the closet for toy storage.  This has worked well, but over Christmas break I noticed their closet had gotten out of control.


You have to adjust  your method when something stops working.  So that’s what I decided to do here.

I started by pulling everything out of the closet and put aside the toys they no longer play with (we passed these down to youngest brother).  I took what was left and determined what they actually needed storage-wise.  High on the priority list was somewhere to store the Lego creations they build.  So we said goodbye to the fabric bins (minus one to hold their plastic reptiles) and we used the shelves to display!  Here’s the difference:


The shelves on the left side of the closet were barely being used.  I was able to use this to store excess stuffed animals (their favorites they rotate sleeping with), Lego sets halfway built (in separate boxes), toy weapons, costumes (yes even at this age they love to dress up as superheroes and pirates pretty often).

Here’s a shot of the boxes.  My choice for kids toys in a closed space like a closet is clear boxes with lids – I left the stickers on so you can see (the various sizes you can get at Target, Walmart, etc. and the standard shoebox size you can find at the Dollar Tree!). If you’re into labels, label away with words for the older kids and pictures for those who do not yet read.  If storing toys in a living space like the family room, I would use something more aesthetically appealing like bins that coordinate with the room (and disguise the toys when they are not in use).

You can group little pieces within the boxes with ziplock bags!  The various sizes of ziplocks make me so happy!  In this case, I grouped extra pieces from their Lego sets with ziplocks.


I designated the next shelf for toy weapons (they each have a small shoulder bag/pack with the extra bullets for the Nerf guns).  Costumes are in the big fabric box, all the pieces grouped together in repurposed sheet/pillow case plastic bags!

The way we have managed to keep the Nerf bullets from being EVERYWHERE and getting lost is the secret of ammo bags.  Use a small lightweight bag that can fit over your child’s shoulder or on the back, and they can wear it around as they play with the guns, cleaning up the bullets and putting them back in the bag after playing a couple rounds.  We’ve been doing this for a month and so far its working and they really don’t like losing bullets!

This is just one of the spaces where toys are stored (we also have a playroom downstairs and my 3 year old has toys in his room as well).  I will share more (as I have also recently completed a redo on my 3 year old’s closet!).  Check out my blog post on rotating toys here for some ideas on how to keep your kids interested in their toys (especially the smaller ones!).

Happy toy organizing and thanks for reading,


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