Don’t Overstuff

This week I have a very simple, yet very rich, piece of advice for you.  So simple that you wonder why I even decided to blog about it.  I’ll tell you why – I’ve made this mistake in my home, many times.  And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

Are you ready for this simple tip that can totally change the spaces in your home?

Don’t Overstuff

Clothing racks


Kitchen Cabinets




I told you it was simple.  Too much of a good thing is no good.  If you are organizing, and you have to wedge everything perfectly into the box, drawer, cabinet, shelf, room, etc. just right so that it all fits – it will not stay organized.  No one has the time to maintain that.  Organizing is not just about making everything look pretty and “fit”, maintainability is essential!  You want things to STAY organized.

So just remember to leave room in every space for things to shift, and to add items to if need be.  If there is so much that everything will not fit with a little wiggle room, then consider how many bowls, cups, sheets, shirts, towels, movies, toys, etc. you really NEED and USE.  Consider scaling back a little.

Don’t overstuff your rooms with furniture either!  Having furniture that is too big or too much makes a room look small, overcrowded, and disjointed.

I like hearing from you! What’s  your experience with “overstuffing?”  Do you remember a time where you had to organize over and over again because things stopped “fitting?”  Tell me about it!

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Get Organized.  Simply Live.