Organized, Not Perfect

I have been wanting to plant a garden for several years now. But with every spring that comes, it has never amounted to more than a thought. I’m not talking about anything massive, just a few plants that grow what we eat. My family eats A LOT, so anything helps! But each spring I’ve felt too overwhelmed with the demands of life, and planting time would pass and with it my hope for a garden.

Organized Not Perfect

This year, life is more full than ever, but I decided it was time to just do it. I had no full day to shop and prepare the soil and plant – everything was done in spurts here and there. In this season of life, broken pieces of time are all I have.

And thankfully, I reached out for help and advice from a friend who took the time to give me tips over the phone, sketch out a plan,  and give me seeds and lettuce varieties to help me get started.

organized not perfect

What keeps you from turning your hopes and ideas into a reality? For me, its that I want it to be perfect. I wait for the perfect time, perfect set up, and the perfect product. No pressure, right?!

Nothing is perfect in life, and striving for it is like trying to lasso the wind. I’m especially learning this with 3 kids, a husband, a house, a business, a hefty fitness training schedule, to name a few. Perfection is a word that we don’t even use in my house, friends 🙂

organized not perfect

I feel good now that the plants are in the ground, and my kids are taking turns watering and ready to be on weed and bug duty when that is needed.

I used a bed in my backyard that’s been empty ever since we moved in. Its small, but large enough for what I needed to plant! It was already covered with a weed barrier, so I just cut holes and mixed some good soil amendment in. Its not perfect. Its not the ideal spot. Its not fancy. Its not even pretty! But if it produces something edible for us than that will be enough.

organized not perfect

I hope this has inspired you to turn a hope into reality. Right now. Not next week, not next year. Whether it be organizing a space in your home or signing up to take a class that you’ve wanted to take for years.

There’s no time like now.

As you start your next home project, remember that is about being organized, not perfect.

Go make it happen!


Get Organized. Simply Live.