Strategies for Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

On the blog this week I want to give some simple tips for kitchen cabinet storage.

When you are in the hunt for a new home, you hear the phrase, “Location! Location! Location!”  This important principle applies to organizing spaces as well.   ACCESSIBILITY  is the key.  Pots & pans go where you use them – right by the stove.


Pyrex & casserole dishes need to be in the cabinet closest to the oven.


Group things together that are used together.  The middle shelf in this cabinet has what’s needed for a protein shake (minus perishables). 


This tiered spice rack is incredible! Spices go best where you use them – by the stove-top.


Don’t let any space go to waste.  Tools such as a lazy susan can help you utilize corner space.


Think “outside the box” with cabinet storage.  Spring-loaded curtain rods used to organize serving platters.


Don’t overcrowd cabinets.  Make your dinnerware accessible by only stacking like pieces together.


And two more tips in this last picture.  Store small appliances together in one cabinet (of course close in proximity to the surface where you will use them). Also, store infrequently used items on those high shelves.


Good kitchen organization saves time all the way around.  I hope this gives you some fresh inspiration for your kitchen!  Maybe you are stumped, need help trouble-shooting, or you’re just over it and would rather someone else come in reorganize your kitchen… contact me. You know I would love to help!


Get Organized.  Simply Live.