Mother’s Day Giveaway!

As I am trying to get my thoughts together to write this blog post, my 3 year old is sitting in my lap messing with the keyboard, climbing on my legs, talking to me, wanting me to read to him.  It makes me think of this one amazing ability that God has empowered us with as mothers – our ability to do things in segments.  The strength to drop everything and answer a question, kiss a boo boo, change a diaper, break up a fight, clean up a spill, help with homework, counsel on relationships, and sometimes just take a few minutes to delight in these precious little gifts.  To cancel the afternoon schedule because playing “baby bird” is so much more important.  Not to even mention all the broken sleep.   It takes super patience and strength to live life in little fragmented pieces of time like this, but we do it.  And do it we must to communicate to that generation after us that they are loved, they are important, and they are worth much more than our agendas.  I am far from being good at this, but each day brings another opportunity to grow.

I asked for feedback on Facebook for one word to describe these beautiful creatures called mothers, and here is what I got:

Comfort            Awesome            Tired

Soother            Spectacular         Teacher

Gift                  Compassionate     Loyal

Wise                    Selfless                 Honest

Amazing           Priceless              Everything


Sacrifice            Mentor                  Strong

Protector        Nurturer                Radiant

Forever                             Jack-of-all-trades

Giving            Unconditional         Selfless


We all come from mothers.  Some of us are mothers.  And for women who don’t have biological children, chances are there will be (and currently are) people in your life you will “mother.”  Who will look to you for advice, encouragement, strength, nurture.  It is hard work.  We get TIRED as someone pointed out in our above list.  So tired.  But the vital role we play in shaping this generation after us is one no one else can.  Not the way that we can from this place of “Mommy.”

Mothers are constantly pouring themselves out.  So this Mother’s Day I am giving away something that I hope will really bless and refresh the person who wins it.  This package will cover a simple organizing project and help you get things in order before the summer so you can ENJOY time with your family. 

I am giving away a gift certificate for a consultation plus 2 hours of in-home organizing – a value of $105!!!  If you are not local I will honor this for virtual work.  All you have to do is share this blog post in your Facebook news feed asking friends to check out and “like” my fan page and I will enter your name to win.  I want make sure I see your name, so tag my page “Simple Spaces” (you have to like it first in order to tag it).   Men, please participate. You might have a Mother’s Day gift covered after this!

I will choose a winner via drawing on Thursday, May 9th at noon.

Do one more thing for me.  Take those descriptions, those attributes listed above about “Mother.”  Look in the mirror at yourself, and read them out loud.  Do it!

Enter the giveaway and have a great week!


Get Organized.  Simply Live.