Simple Closet Part II

I know I’ve left you hanging a couple weeks after my first reveal of my closet redo.   I first shared with you how I organized my clothing.  If you haven’t seen the first part, go here.

I didn’t share last week because I was waiting on a store to get in more boxes I used on my shelving.  They are not available online and I cannot order them straight from the warehouse (yes I have bugged these people a lot!). Unfortunately, I’m still waiting.  But the good news is, I have looked in SEVERAL stores and I know that these are exactly what I want!  So its worth the wait.

I’ll do the reveal without all my boxes, and then definitely give you an update when the new ones come in!

First, let me remind you of what the shelves looked like before:

Not very inviting, and it kept causing me to just throw more “stuff” on there.  I actually found a box that has not been unpacked since we moved in 2 years ago.  This is sad people.  Its a box of old journals and I think I just didn’t know what to do with them at the time.  Ignoring them wasn’t the answer though!


And I had 6 pair of slippers.  They are all cute.  But… Okay really, why would I need 6 pair?  I resolved to put one in the guest room, put 2 for yard sale, and I kept 3.  So I reduced it by half!


So here’s what else I did.  I relocated a lot of items that didn’t need to be in the closet.  Set some things aside for donating.  Everything got assigned a home.  Then, I found these storage boxes at Target, and decided to use the file sized one for larger items (like my journals that I want to keep!).  The smaller ones I will be using for photos and to group together smaller items.


Now look at the shelves (pre-pretty boxes). When I add the boxes in everything on that first shelf will be contained, minus our wedding album.


Other views:



As for shoes, I must say my shelf shows I am a minimalist in this sense.  I even got rid of some in this process because they didn’t fit right or they were ugly!  Believe me, I’d love to have more.  I’m just pretty picky.  I keep tennis shoes and flip flops downstairs in my mudroom.


It feels good and my closet is staying clean!  I’m so excited that I found some cute, reasonable, matching boxes for the shelves.  And they are perfectly functional for the size/type of items for which I need them.  I can’t wait to share when I have them all!  As for what I’m going to do with the empty shelves, I am thinking save up and buy some more shoes 🙂  And there’s room for more accessories!

Thanks for reading!


Get Organized.  Simply Live.