Go With It

I shared last week that my blogging has been put on hold due to a dead computer.  Exciting news: I have ordered a new computer and it should be here sometime this week!  It will be our first Macbook, I’ve heard you never go back after owning a Mac.  Is it true?

Not wanting to skip another week of blogging, I decided I’d share something a little different with you this week.  I don’t have pictures because they’re on the hard drive of my dead computer.  Boo! But after this week I will be able to start rolling again!

Yesterday was an extremely productive day. Coming out of the weekend, Mondays are usually that way for me.  I catch up on a lot of things I miss over either resting, traveling, doing a house project, or whatever on the weekend.  This weekend I focused more on resting.  And this Monday, I reaped the fruit of it!  My kids were happy (surprisingly, most Mondays are whiny) and cooperative. I felt great.  So I just went with it.

Here’s my motto:  If the ball is rolling, take that momentum and increase it and just keep going!  Because, there will come a day where the ball will come to a screeching halt and you will have to push and exert everything you can just to gain a little ground (or even keep what you have), so on the days where things are rolling downhill and you have the energy, just go with it!

Here’s what I did yesterday:  Started at 6:15am with an hour workout (my husband and I are doing Insanity right now and it is tough but we are 2 weeks shy of being through the 60 day program!), I washed 4 loads of laundry, changed the kids’ bedsheets, cleaned 3 bathrooms, mowed the grass (we have a big yard), trimmed all the shrubs, cooked 3 meals.  Then after dinner I visited a friend at the hospital who just had a baby, and afterward hit 2 out of 4 grocery stores I need to hit this week.  All while doing “Mommy stuff” (with the exception of running errands after dinner).  I didn’t stop until about 9:30 or 10, but it felt so GOOD.

Now, before you call me “Super-Mom” or think I’m crazy, this is not an every day occurrence.  Not even every week.  I promise there are days where all I can do is just keep everyone alive and fed.  Monday was the “perfect storm” for a very productive day, so I took full advantage of it.

How does this relate to organizing?  Well, I think it can relate to any area of life.  You can have “push” days like this!  Look for those “perfect storms” when it comes to productivity, and keep rolling while the rolling is good!  So next time you have an “itch” to get a space in order, just get started and watch the momentum build and motivation increase.  One accomplishment leads to another and another….

Want to know how I’m doing today?  Well I definitely felt the “human” part of me yesterday!  I slowed down a little bit and today I’m planning on just being mom 🙂

Tell me about your most productive day!

Thanks for reading!


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