Why You Should Make Your Bed

The infamous bedroom.

Let’s face it.  We want a serene getaway in this space in our homes, but many of us feel like its a far cry from peaceful.  Maybe even nightmarish.

Mail piled on the nightstand.  Random things spread all over the dresser.  Clothes scattered on the floor…  and more clothes on the chair…  and more on the bed…

I once lived like this. After having children the bedroom got away from  us.  It was depressing to walk into it.  I avoided it during the day, and at night I just crawled into bed to sleep (because the covers were already down since I NEVER made my bed).  I only made the bed if company was coming and they needed to see the bedroom for some reason.  In that case it took a few hours to actually get our room into decent shape.

Then, I was kind of forced to change my ways. We put our house on the market, and I needed to KEEP our bedroom beautiful because we could have a showing at any time.  I started making the bed every day.  Yeah I had 3 small children, but I found I could still make my bed everyday and keep the clothes off the floor!  I loved the way it felt so much, it stuck with me.  Two years later, I still make my bed every day.

Why You Should Make Your Bed

1.  It is a great way to start your day.  When I make my bed, I immediately feel like I’ve accomplished something, and it only took a few minutes!

2.  It helps you keep the rest of your room clean.  A messy bed makes the whole room feel messy.  Clutter attracts clutter.  Why bother putting your clothes away when the bed is just a big pile of blanket and sheets?  But when the bed is made, you will feel empowered to tackle the other parts of  your room.

3.  It is such a short investment of time for the return it yields.  This seriously only takes a few minutes.  Time yourself making the bed.  Decide that its worth those few minutes.

4.  It will encourage feelings of peace and ease.  And who doesn’t need more of that?!!

So there you go.  There’s a few good reasons to make this simple little task a daily habit.

If your bedroom is a disaster, please follow my advice:

Don’t try to clean your entire room right now.  This will overwhelm and paralyze you.  Develop the habit of making your bed first.  After this has become a habit, then move to tackling the floor, nightstand, dresser, etc.

If you need help, you know who to call.  Not only am I good at organizing, I am GREAT at bedroom makeovers.

These pictures are of my bedroom.  I finished decorating it more than a year ago.  This is how it looks every day.  Because I love the way it looks.  Everything has a place.  And it is easy to maintain.  And making my bed every day WORKS!!!!

Make this new habit, and let me know how it goes!

Thanks for reading,


Get Organized.  Simply Live.