Bathroom Cord Madness

The cabinet under my bathroom sink has been one of those semi-organized places.  We have a small linen closet in our bathroom, so I do not have need for storing much under the cabinet.  This space is where I like to store my hair dryer, curling irons, brushes, and all those things that us girls use when we fuss over our hair.  I’ve been keeping it all in a big plastic bin, but as you can see below, it hasn’t been working too well.


Okay, let me show you the “real” picture that happens when I’m in a hurry and don’t shove everything back in the box


When I pull one thing out, everything else comes along with it. What’s the problem?  Those crazy cords!  They wrap around each other (I think they are magnetized) and like to help me make the most mess possible.

I do not have time to twist the cords around or neatly use twist ties.  I thought about using rubber bands, but wondered if the cords would still grab onto one another (remember my theory about their magnetic abilities?).  I didn’t want to take the time or money to buy anything.  So in my creative brain, I thought of socks.  Could I take a sock and shove the cord into it, to be stored away hassle-free?


Yep!  It worked!  I grabbed 2 pair of my 7 year old’s socks (because he had an overstock) to use.  This goes under my cabinet in my master bathroom (in a box).  I don’t need it to look pretty, I just need it to be functional!  No more cord tangling people, that’s what I’m talking about!


Here’s a nice little Before/After for you.  And you can’t even see the socks 🙂


Do you have a way of dealing with this hair cord madness?  Please share with me!  If you’re in the boat I was in, go get some socks and show those cords who’s boss.

Thanks for reading,


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