How Much Do You Need?

Many of us have become accustomed to living with more than we actually use, and our homes turn into storage buildings rather than a place to experience life together as a family.

You do not  have to be a minimalist to be organized.  I’m okay with people who like “stuff.”  The problem is, sometimes we have more “stuff” than space, and life feels crammed and stressful.  And much of the “stuff” that is causing mental chaos is not even serving a purpose for us!  Remember this:  your “stuff” should serve YOU, not vice versa.

Here are just a few things to check for excess in your home that may get the ball rolling towards simplifying your “stuff.”

Plastic cups, especially travel style for kids & adults


Eating Utensils


Tupperware/Food Storage


This next picture was a laughing matter for a friend and I when we found all these, so I had to include it.  Chopsticks, anyone?!


Clothing, especially kids’ clothing!


These are a few hot spots I was thinking about, but there are many, many more!

So how do you determine what amount you need of everything in your home?  Same principle you will always hear me share.  One. Thing. At a time. Start with one category in one space.

Next time you unload the dishwasher, count the amount of eating utensils you put back in the drawer.  Think about how much you are using between washings.  Keep a couple more than you use.

Do the famous clothing usage trick.  I don’t know where give credit for the origin of this technique, but here is how it works.  Start by turning all your hangers around backwards.  As you wear and return articles of clothing to their hangers, turn the hanger for that piece around.  At the end of a season, look at what you have not worn, and eliminate it!

One thing at a time, one step at a time.  Look at how much you use.  Look at what you don’t use.  Everything you don’t use needs to go away.  Its that simple, but not really.  Because some of us like holding onto “stuff.”  Let go of what’s easiest first, and I believe over time you will experience a mindset change.  Soliciting the assistance of family and friends can be helpful, if they are willing to help you let go.

And don’t forget that I am here to help if you decide to go the route of hiring a professional organizer.  As one of my clients put it:  “She doesn’t judge your stuff.”  🙂

I want to hear your progress, so please share with me as you go!

Thanks for reading,


Get Organized.  Simply Live.