Using a Closet for Toy Storage Part II

Its only been a few weeks since I shared tips on organizing kids’ toys, closet style.  But I have more ideas for you!

This closet/toy storage belongs to my 3 year old – so we’re dealing with toys and needs of a very young child.  I’ll first share a Before/After picture of the project – not too shocking of a difference, it just needed some strategy in place to bring it a little more order, and some things that didn’t belong needed to go!

I keep sheets in the closet of the room in which they are used, on one of the highest shelves.  The shelf below the sheets is storage for overflow books.  This bedroom has a bookshelf where I keep a very limited number of books – go here to read why.  I like to rotate books and certain toys, so this is how I store the books that are not in use (and they are out of reach of my child).


Here’s my strategy for the “accessible” part of the closet, meaning the child can easily reach items on each shelf.


Toy sets and groups of small toys (such as legos, blocks, matchbox cars, play food, etc.) I store in clear plastic boxes with lids. Here’s why:

1- Toys can be easily seen without “dumping”.

2- The child can have “all the pieces” together to play with

3- Clean up is so much easier – even if children want to bring out a few boxes at a time and mix the toys up, you can teach them what goes back into each box at the end of play.

I don’t label mine, but labeling is a great option!  You can even take a picture of the toy to use as a label, print it out, tape it on the box.  No need for laminating if you don’t have that option, clear packing tape over top does just fine.

What about the items that don’t fit into small & medium boxes but still need to be “contained?”  Here’s what I did with those:


And what about costumes and dress up?  I’m so glad you asked!  I only have boys and have done this differently with my clients who have girls.  But this is what I’ve found works VERY well for boys.

Each costume or dress up set goes into a separate clear bag with all its pieces (yes – it is possible to keep all those doctor tools together!).  Reuse those nifty bags from sheet sets, shower curtains, etc. – I did!


And then, they all go into a single box.  I just reused what I had!


You can’t expect perfection when it comes to kids & toys (or when it comes to anything!), but putting some strategies and organization into place with your storage can make a world of difference.  Children are more likely to “clean up” if they know where things go.

Now, go get control of those toys before they takeover the house (and call me if you need help)!

Thanks for reading,


Get Organized.  Simply Live.