10 Tips To Organize Your Garage

The weather is warming up and that means it’s time to get outside and enjoy it! For those who are blessed to have a garage, the importance of having garden tools and spring equipment easily accessible is high. Although sometimes daunting, organizing your garage doesn’t have to be all that bad!


1. Choose A Day: Sometimes our busy schedules get in the way, but make it a priority. Whether it’s a Wednesday after work or a Saturday afternoon, choose a specific time where you’ll start your project.


2. Recruit: You don’t have to go at it alone! Get your family in on the action or even close friends. All it takes is a promise for dinner or refreshments afterwards. Works like a charm!


3. Piles: All you have to do is make three piles: Keep, Throw Away, and Donate. Don’t be stingy with this step! If you haven’t needed it for quite a while, you should give it to someone who will need it more.


4. Designate: Choose areas in your garage that make sense for each group of items. Lawn mower and garden tools can go next to the door, while sports equipment can go in the bin in the corner. Do what works for you!


5. Label: While plastic bins work great for the garage, a labeled bin works even better! Get some removable labels to put on your boxes so they won’t get ruined.


6. Clean Along The Way: Don’t forget to dust or wipe any shelving along the way. It’s best to do it while you’re in the process so you don’t have to go back and retrace your steps.


7. Shelving: Getting everything off the floor and onto shelves is the best way to open up space. You’re going to want to find some strong shelving to make sure your storage is safe.


8. Take Breaks: The job is no fun when you’re tired and frustrated. Take a step back, drink a glass of lemonade, and regroup!


9. Reward: Here’s the fun part. You’re DONE! Now you can go out to eat or treat yourself to a movie, or whatever your heart desires.


10. Keep It Organized: Finally, make sure you put everything back where it needs to go. That keeps your garage spick and span, plus you don’t have to ruin all that hard work you did!


This post was written by Madison on behalf of Total-Garage, Inc. in Charlotte.

Thank you so much Madison for your helpful tips today!  Be sure to contact Total-Garage, Inc. if you are in the central part of the state and in need of help – look at the fabulous work they’ve done on their website!  For even more ideas on garages, check out a transformation I did on one here in Wilmington!