Ode to Parents

As a professional organizer and mother of 3 young boys, I felt compelled to write this post for parents.  I know what I experience in my own household, and I see things all over social media and hear mom friends talk about this frequently.

I bet every one of us feels like this!  We sweep the floor, only to find 2 hours later that it appears someone has dumped a bread bag and spilled milk all under the table (with nice splash marks covering the legs of the table and chairs.  The the 1,000 pieces of legos we just worked so hard to separate, well the little guy decided it would be fun to play “Let’s mix it up!” again.   Yes we all have those moments when we put our head in our hands and cry “Why do I even try?!”

I want to encourage you that there is a way to be organized while the kids are young. Yes, it is worth putting some effort into. Don’t diss me until you hear me out. I did not say your house will always look like it came out of a magazine. Perfect and organized are two totally different words 🙂

Being organized doesn’t mean you live in a show home.  It does mean that you have a “home” for everything in your home.  And though things may not always be in their designated spot (because you have little guys and gals running around who believe its their job to undo everything), you can get things put away easily.

I also want to say that I 100% value relationships over tasks.  Children really are only little once.  We can’t get these moments back. There’s no perfect way to do it, but we all have to find our own balance of work and play in the times we’re home. Both have a place in this life. Don’t compare yourself to other parents. Stay in tune with your kids, they will tell you how to find that balance.

Why try?  Because I can say from experience that living in a chaotic environment with young kids at home is emotionally taxing.  It steals your joy and even your quality time with each other.  It makes you constantly feel like you “can’t get ahead,” “can’t do enough,” and mostly that life is completely OUT OF CONTROL.

Stay tuned this month for some follow-up blogs on HOW you can possibly have a sense of order in your home with little ones running around.  I have zero superpowers, but I have managed to make it happen in my own. If I can do it, I know you can!


Get Organized.  Simply Live.