5 Uses For Fabric Bins

Fabric bins are one of my favorite organizing tools!  I think it is because they are easy to find, inexpensive, easily coordinate with décor, and extremely versatile.

I have recommended for clients many times, and here are 5 ways that I use them in my own spaces!

1. Washcloths

Or anything in your linen closet that is small and easily knocked over/balled up/lost. Washcloths can get unruly stacked openly on a shelf, so prefer a bin to contain them.


2. Winter Gear

Yes, I know its currently summer. But I must share that fabric bins saved me much stress and clutter this past winter season as I used them in my mudroom to contain all the hats, gloves, ear muffs, scarfs, etc.  With the change of seasons, I stored them away and now use the bins for the summer season as you will see below with my number three.


3. Swimsuits

Our house is 2 story with all the bedrooms upstairs. I am very strategic as to which floor I store things on, because strategy plays a huge role in the ability to maintain organization. I came to realize this summer that it makes sense for us to keep the children’s swimsuits downstairs. And they are stored neatly in the mudroom in fabric bins.


4. Toiletries

I store toiletries that I buy in bulk and ones I do not use every day in my linen closet (which is in the bathroom). Fabric bins work great in containing items that would otherwise make the closet feel cluttered and disorganized.


5. Toys!

Let’s face it, if you’re a parent you look for every trick out there to keep your house from looking like its been overtaken by an army of 3 year olds. Fabric bins on shelves work great in containing and concealing toys when you are entertaining guests or simply want your living spaces to appeal to your eye as an adult.

Here’s a photo from a client who used fabric bins in her office space (that serves a dual function as a kids’ play area and family room in the evenings). It makes things feel very put together and peaceful.


So here are 5 simple ways that I like to use fabric bins in my own home. Do you use them? Would love to hear how!

Thanks for reading,


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