Decor That Doubles As Storage

One thing I do with clients as I bring organization to their homes, is list all the possibilities for incorporating storage into their living spaces. Its a decorating trick I like to call “Hidden Storage.” Every item that needs a “home” does not have to fit into a closet! Nor does it need to clutter up the surfaces and floors of your home.

The struggle we have is needing a place for things to go, yet wanting our homes to be aesthetically pleasing. You can have both, and not just in a model home!

Below are some pictures of different spaces. Décor items are labeled on the pictures as to what they are being used for (or could be used for).  Anything can be stored away in pieces like these!

Reading Corner in a Bedroom


Living Room




Dresser (this is a child’s room but use the idea also for an adult bedroom)


Living Room. Who says you have to follow the rules and store games in there?!


Bookshelf. For parents with crawlers: place a decorative bowl/vase/basket on your bookshelf to throw those dangerous little pieces into. Check it later to return things to their “homes.”


Kitchen – Again, anything can be stored in these canisters.


Living Room: Entertainment Center


Living Room: Fireplace


Dresser (Kid’s Room again)

One of my top pieces of organizing advice is this: Store things in the place where you use them. THAT makes maintenance easy.

Still not sure how to incorporate storage into one of  your living spaces? Call me! I would be glad to help you get things ready before the holidays!

Have fun organizing!


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