Organizing Outside The Box

I wonder how many reading this have a desk at home that is not being used, other than a piling station for homeless “stuff.” I also wonder what percentage of people reading this actually own a desktop computer, anyone? In the age of advanced technology where you can work from a laptop, Ipad, and even your phone while sitting on the couch, desks are not quite the necessity they used to be.

I recently visited a friend who shared her Command Center with me. The space is being used brilliantly, so much so that I want to share with you how she has organized “outside of the box” and completely done away with the need for a desk.


Command Center 


Kitchens are the hub of activity, and this friend chose to take one large spare cabinet in her kitchen to use for storage and flow. This cabinet serves as the center of information, as well as houses supplies that would otherwise be stored in a desk.

Magazine holders are utilized here to house categories of paperwork, and labeled for easy locating. Also note the strips of corkboard on the cabinet doors for pinning those things you need to keep directly in view.

Items stored in the cabinet include:

Family binder

Current important paperwork

Appliance manuals

Memorabilia bin

Holiday games


Supplies (scissors, markers, pens, etc.)

Home décor

Electronic cords

Address books

Recipes, meal plans, food inspiration

When those bills and coupons come in the mail, they find a home here. She selectively chooses school papers/artwork from the children and stores it here (and then at the end of each school year it goes into a storage bin in another location). Only current paperwork is stored here, it finds its long term home in a file cabinet located in another space.

I LOVE the way she is using this cabinet. Here’s why: The items stored here are things needed in this space, the family knows where to go to find them, everything is labeled and easily accessible, and there is no “junk” sitting and taking up space.

She does not use a desktop computer, but she does have a printer that has its home on the sofa table behind the couch!

Wireless printer is housed on the bottom right shelf of the sofa table. 

In my home, we actually have a built-in desk and cabinets in a space that’s near the kitchen. We use the cabinets in a very similar manner (will share in a future post!). It works really well for  us.

I hope this has inspired you to think “outside the box” when it comes to organizing. Do you have a Command Center in  your home? Feel free to share your experience, I always enjoy hearing from my readers!


Get Organized. Simply Live.