Maximizing Closet Storage

What I’m sharing with you today is a tiny taste of the post I have to share with you next, which is a sewing room transformation! I want to set the stage first by showing how we organized a closet in that sewing room. You cannot address a room (of any type) without addressing the closet space. How you utilize your closet space will determine whether or not your room STAYS organized.

Here is how the closet looked when I came over for the consultation:

Maximizing Closet Storage

It only had one small shelf with a rack, much like a coat closet does.  Not much to work with. Did that stop us? No way! Don’t let a closet tell  you how its going to function, you tell it what to do!

Working with what we had, we decided to make this space function as storage for bulk and items used infrequently. Here’s how things turned out:

Maximizing Closet Storage

We used hanging organizers (that were sitting in the top of the closet) for seasonal material. These may be more of a temporary than permanent solution, depending on how they do holding the weight, but its something my client already had. Behind the hanging organizers is a storage tote full of bulk material and batting. Also stored here is an occasionally used embroidery machine. It doesn’t take up space on her sewing table, but is easily accessible for the times its needed.

We turned a pant hanger into ribbon storage and hung in between the two organizers.

Maximizing Closet Storage

This closet is now to its maximum storage capacity, all the while looking organized AND functional!

Maximizing Closet Storage

I can’t wait to share the rest with you next week; it will make you want a sewing room even if you’ve never threaded a needle.

UPDATE: The sewing room blog post is up, so you can go here to check it out! Enjoy: Organized Sewing Room

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