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Get Organized in 2016

No doubt you’ve been evaluating this past year, looking at the goals you met and failed to meet. And with it I’m sure you’re making fresh new resolutions.

While I don’t believe that the turn of a new year is the only time to make resolutions, I do feel it’s a natural time where we have elevated motivation to set goals and make changes. To gain closure and start new journeys.

get organized in 2016
Picture of my family captured by Amanda Lynne Photography


Though I do write out a list of goals for my business and personal life, I like to have one word to focus on for the new year. I get this word and incorporate it into all areas of my life. I think its a simple yet powerful way to start fresh.

I want to give you one word for the physical appearance of your home and workplace in 2016. One word which I ask that you take a second to pick up like a pair of glasses and view your surroundings through.


As you strive to purge and reorganize your home, keep this word in the forefront of your mind. Simple means low stress. Simple means less to manage. Simple means more time to do what you love. Simple means more time to BE WITH those you love.

This is why I opened Simple Spaces 4 years ago (and gave my business this name). Its why I made my tagline: Get Organized. Simply Live. I count it sheer joy in helping people as they come out from under confusion, defeat, and feelings of being overwhelmed, and step into a place of simplicity and peace. A place where their home is serving their needs, and not the other way around. A place where people can be free to do what they love.

So before you open the door and start tearing through those closets, I want you to say it out loud to yourself: SIMPLE

Here’s to a great New Year of keeping it simple as you aim big with your dreams!


Get Organized. Simply Live.