5 Reasons to Get Organized

Why should you make steps to get organized?  Will the time and money it takes to get there be worth it in the end?

I’m going to give you 5 simple reasons to clear out the clutter.

1.  It will save you money

How many expired items have you found in your pantry – food you once spent hard-earned money on?  How many times have you found triplicates of food items in the pantry because you didn’t know what was there?  Or found 8 cans of bug spray when you cleaned out the garage?  Or you keep buying new clothes, because your closet is so overgrown with dated clothing items that you can’t find the good stuff hanging in there.  And there are so many things you just can’t locate on a daily basis because they are never left in the same place, so you go to the store to buy it AGAIN.  When everything has a home, its easy to take inventory on what you have and avoid excess purchases.

2.  It will save you time

Its time to regain your time.  Who has been late for work because you couldn’t find your keys?  Or were on your way out the door to a meeting, but the things you needed were scattered in 5 different places throughout the house?  Or you’ve missed appointments because you wrote them down on a piece of paper that’s laying “somewhere?”  One of my favorites I’ve experienced: Your child spills his milk on the pile of bills laying on the kitchen table.   Having an assigned place for things, and maintaining a general flow to the function of your household (or even workplace) will save you time and help you maintain punctuality with all your commitments.

3.  It will enhance your emotional well-being

The state of our physical environment has more influence on our emotions than we might think.  Consider the difference you feel on a rainy day verses a sunny one.  There are circumstances and things beyond our control (like the weather).  However, the state of your home is something that you can be in control of.  You can foster peace in your home through clutter-free living.  Walk into the most disorganized and chaotic room in your house, and pay attention to how you feel when you walk in.  Do feelings of anxiety overwhelm you?  Do you feel defeated and out of control?  What about your bedroom?  Have you considered that maybe the reason you’re not sleeping well is due to the physical chaos?  Imagine the difference in your emotional well-being that you would experience walking into the beauty and peace of organization in every space in your home.  Control the physical state of your home, or it will control you.

4.  It will increase the quality time spent with family

How many sweet moments have you missed with your kids because you look around and feel overwhelmed with the chaos and that there is no time to rest and no end in sight?  The thing I love about being organized, is that it allows me more quality time with my family.  After dishes are cleaned up from dinner, we can have a dance party or a wrestling match (comes with all boys!).  Because we maintain a general flow, the kids know what to expect, and even help out with chores and keeping things in order.  When we take time once a week to decompress and let the house go, it doesn’t take long to get it back afterwards.  Because everything has a place.

5.  It will enable you to spend more time doing what you love

What do you love doing?  What do you feel you currently “don’t have time for?”  Getting organized helps you better manage your time, and make time for those things you love!  Isn’t it time you started enjoying life?

Decluttering your home costs time, thought, and money.  Hiring a professional organizer to help you costs money too.  However, you must see these expenses of time, money, and brain power as an investment.  An investment is not simply spending money, it is spending money with the expectation of a return.

Your investment to getting organized will yield a return that far outweighs the cost up front.   As you can see in my above 5 reasons, I’m not solely speaking of money (although being organized WILL save you money).

Our homes should NOT be a place of anxiety and unrest.  No matter what stage of life you are in, no doubt there are a lot of things to remember and keep up with at home.  Isn’t it time you started enjoying your life more?  Have you noticed my tagline?  It’s what I believe, its what I live, and its why I do what I do to help others.

Get Organized. Simply Live.

There’s no time like the present.