Organizing Kids’ Clothing

Raise your hand if your kids’ dressers look like this right now.

Or this:


I concur with how frustrating it can be as a parent to carefully fold and put away all of the children’s laundry, only to have it oozing out of the drawers the next day.  Balled up and thrown in.  Or maybe thrown on the floor.

We start with this


And turn it into this.  Oh beautiful neatly folded clothes!


And as we take them to be put away, we open the closet and find that someone has done this to the clothes we so neatly folded a couple days ago


In finding this challenge time after time with all 3 of my children, I decided it was time to do something about it, or just stop folding their laundry.  Though the latter was tempting, my desire to teach my children to take care of their possessions is greater.  The habits we make as children transfer into our adulthood, whether we like it or not.

Tomorrow I will be sharing another blogpost on the changes I’ve made and the strategy I am implementing at my house to help with this clothing issue.  I’m going to give you simple tips that will hopefully lighten your load and help you gain back your sanity 🙂

Check back tomorrow!

Thanks for reading,


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