Garage Organizing

I had the recent privilege of working with a client on reorganizing her garage. It was hard work but well worth the reward, you will see what I’m talking about in the picture!

This garage is mainly used for storage. My client is planning to move within the next year, so we did a temporary fix on the garage. No money spent on materials (minus a few bins).We did go through EVERY box and downsize the amount of what is being stored. We found a home for all loose items. Then, we organized everything in a way that will prevent chaos while she’s living here AND make for a more simple move in the future.

We couldn’t even walk into the garage when I first saw it. Now… well I think pictures speak louder than words.


Yep, that’s what I do!

You can check out another garage overhaul here.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to call me if you need help in your garage 🙂


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