I Found A Bathroom Mirror!

I know I usually blog about organizing, but as I’m in the middle of home renovating and decorating, I enjoy sharing my progress with you 🙂  This summer will make 3 years that we have lived here, and slowly but surely we are “fixing it up!”

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I was on the mad hunt for a bathroom mirror (after removing wallpaper, painting, and other fun stuff).  I searched for a couple months to no avail. I knew that when I saw “it”, I would know. I had a style in mind, but more than anything I wanted it to jump out to me. The mirror was to be the statement piece for this bathroom. I wanted it to set the tone, command attention. So I was left at buying nothing until I had a bathroom mirror! I felt bad for guests who were left to look at a blank wall. However, the blank wall was a step up from the wall to wall mirror that was there before!

Well guess what?! I found a mirror! The waiting was WORTH IT. It looks tons better in person. And I’m not sharing all of my bathroom makeover this week, because I want to tease you and because I think the mirror deserves its own blog post!

Drumroll please……

The design is made up of shells. I would never have chosen shells, but I saw this and it grabbed me. Look at the intricate detail.


This bathroom is at the end of a hallway off of the kitchen, and every time I glance down the hallway and look at it and think about how well it fits. And it makes me smile. And it commands attention. Its just right 🙂

Next week I will be sharing images from the entire bathroom complete with before/after photos!! Be sure to look for it, you do not want to miss the 90’s floral wallpaper before photos! Can’t wait to show you the rest!

Thanks for reading,


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