5 Day Refresh – Day Two

We are on Day Two of the 5 Day Refresh, and I’m thrilled to get to some spots in my own home that have been driving me nuts! If you missed Day One, I reorganized a desk drawer in only 15 minutes. Go here to see what I did!

Today, I decided to work on one of my kitchen cabinets that’s been bothering me for some time. This is one of the most frequented cabinets in our kitchen. Here’s a shot before I got started on it.


Lids to my glass jars were falling out on me all the time. The sport bottles at the top right all have lids, but I spent time searching for the right one (which usually involved climbing on top of the counter). I wasn’t fully sure what was behind all the big plastic cups.

I will say I use MOST of what you see on a daily basis. I don’t really like using plastic, but the kids are still young and we take this stuff outside (and their little containers go to school).

I reuse glass jars for food storage, so these I relocated to space I have available in my pantry (I don’t even know why they ended up here). I found some lids that didn’t have jars and tossed them. I got rid of a few things I didn’t need. I snagged an empty basket that wasn’t being used for my bottle and travel cup lids and…. BAM!


This only took me 15 minutes. Fitting it in on a typical weekday. Taking the pictures, editing them, and blogging about it took me a lot longer 🙂  Try taking a spare 15 minutes to go through one kitchen cabinet. I will guess you might gain some momentum to keep going, or move onto another the next day!


Let me know if you go for it, and share your pictures!  I LOVE hearing from my readers.

Until tomorrow,


Get Organized. Simply Live.