5 Day Refresh – Day Five

We are onto Day Five of my 5 Day Refresh! I’ve been trying to hit a variety of spots this week. I hope this has inspired, encouraged, and given you helpful tips in how to incorporate organizing into your everyday routine. Its nice when you can take a weekend or a few days off to tackle a room in your home (and its absolutely necessary). And there are times the help of a professional organizer is needed 🙂 However, some spots you can hit little by little in your everyday grind. So hopefully after following my posts this week you will!

Today, I took one shelf of my pantry. I would like to work through the whole thing (and will now that I have the ball rolling!).  I picked my shelf where I store baking items.


I’ve changed the way I bake over the last few years, so this shelf has a conglomeration of things, some of which I no longer use. And those stainless canisters? Well they were all empty but one! I can’t believe I wasn’t using these.

15 minutes later…


I even broke out my savvy label maker and labeled the canisters 🙂

I keep a large stash of unsweetened shredded coconut because I use it a lot and I can only find it in one grocery store. I grabbed an empty plastic container I had on hand for this. Bags of food items are hard to store neatly on shelves, so I try to put as much as I can into containers (most of which are reused!). If you’re interested in hearing more on it go here to read about how I reuse empty glass jars and plastic containers.


Since my small baking items like baking soda were spilling over the edge of the green baskets, I traded them out for an empty white one. I have a few baskets that float around from my pantry to my refrigerator, depending on what food we have! Its nice to have extras on hand.


There you have it! I looked around when I was finished thinking, “This doesn’t look like everything, where’s the rest?”  That was a great feeling!


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I love hearing from you! Share with me what spot in your home you feel like you can reorganize over the course of one normal week. Try going one shelf, one drawer, one cabinet at a time. Simplify your spaces, so you can ENJOY your time.


Get Organized. Simply Live.