Transformed Workspace Part 3

I’m excited to show you what happens when Melissa comes into a cluttered, restless workspace.  If you have not been following this story, check out Part 1 and Part 2 first to feel the full effect!

Last week I shared what we used for storage – the existing bookshelves.  They already had a few gorgeous baskets, so the only things purchased were some cute bins to bring in some color.  Some small and some large for varying needs.  I must show the picture again!


Here are some Before/After pictures of the desk.  I will let them speak for themselves




Because the desk did not have any drawers or cabinets, we utilized the adjacent bookshelf for storage.  This simple mason jar worked perfect for holding writing utensils on the desktop


We used this existing paper tray, and came up with a new strategy to work through the “to do” pile

We also cleaned up this fabulous board (and the desk being clear makes it accessible again!).  Love the pictures of her family.  Did I mention my client is an excellent local photographer?  She recently did a family session with us that I will absolutely share a photo from in the future.  Check out her website hereTimeless Fotographie


The table now looks so inviting and ready to be used for family meals.  It also is available for art projects and such, but because everything now has a “home”, things can easily be put back in place and there are no more piles!  Oh, and did you notice the change in curtains we used to lighten up the room?  The white looks so peaceful and clean.


As always, thanks for reading!  I hope you feel inspired to tackle that workspace or call me to come help!


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